A bit about Joaquín and Laura

Couples Bio:
Together for almost 2 years Joaquin and Laura took part in different competitions: Semifinals of the World Tango Championship in ” Tango Stage” category in 2017; Final of the Metropolitan Tango Championship 2018 in Buenos Aires and Semifinals of the World Tango Championship in ” Tango Stage” category in 2018; 4th place in the Championship “Pelando Variación” organized by Oliver Kolker. They are part of the company “Tango Nuevo Cabaret” directed by maestro Serguei Tumas (Los Angeles, California).

Laura Smart:
Dancer and Uruguayan tango teacher with residence in Buenos Aires graduated as an actress from the “Multidisciplinary School of Dramatic Art Margarita Xirgü” from Montevideo. Since she was 13, she began her approach at the dance in folklore and ballet, years later in 2010 she worked in show houses for tourism, in the cities of Montevideo and Buenos Aires where she also plays her role as a teacher. In In 2011, she starts dancing in “El Milongón”, the only place of tourist show in Montevideo, where was chosen by Jennifer Lopez to participate in the great American program Q’VIVA.
She travels to Buenos Aires with a scholarship in DNI tango school, one of the most prestigious contemporary tango schools, perfecting herself as a dancer and teacher. She integrated the show of the master Ruben Rada “Tango, Milonga y candombe” recently.

Joaquín Besga
Argentine tango dancer and teacher, he approaches Tango in 2001 when he was only 11 years old, soon joined the Ballet of Mora Godoy with whom they made several presentations. At the age of 15, he participates in the competition “30 seconds of Fame Special Tango” by Marcelo Tinelli in which he achieved the 2nd place. This motivated him to continue studying in other disciplines such as hip hop, break dance, acrobatics, ballet, and contemporary dance, that would lead him to be able to also handle a stage dance.
At 24 years old, he started his career as choreographer and dancer of the “Sello de Tango Copes” company with Johana Copes on a tour of Brazil.
He was summoned as a teacher and jury of the “World Tango Championship 2014” in Medellin, Colombia. Also in preselections for the Tango World Championship in San Martin de Los Andes and Rosario, Argentina.
In recent years he has been an ambassador of tango in countries such as Italy, Brazil, Colombia, USA and more recently Canada.